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Roof Replacement or Roof Preservation?

Traditionally, there has been only one solution to persistent roof problems—making the costly investment of a complete roof replacement.  Allegiant Exteriors offers another option—roof preservation services.

Tearing off and replacing roofs when there’s still useful life in them is costing consumers millions of dollars when a simple solution exists that can alleviate much of these costs—as well as the accompanying headaches—roof preservation. The average roof is replaced seven years sooner than necessary because most roofers focus on costly replacements, not repairs and maintenance. Just because your roof looks old and worn, has black stains, a leak or is missing some shingles, doesn’t mean it can’t be repaired!

Application of Single Sealant

Roof preservation can be performed on over 95% of older roofs, extending service life by up to 15 years. Shingle sealant process has several benefits. It’s much less expensive than replacing an entire roof and represents an excellent value by protecting an existing investment. Unlike roof replacement, roof preservation can usually be done in one day and there is little disruption to those living in the house. Preserving the existing roof saves tear-off costs, meaning little to no mess, a lot less noise, and thousands of dollars saved. It also saves waste disposal costs and is environmentally responsible.

Roof Preservation vs. Roof Replacement Costs

According to a 2014 Angie’s List Survey, the average cost of a new roof is $11,095. But roof preservation costs an average of $3547, approximately one-third the cost of replacement! Our money-saving roof preservation can be completed at a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

Tearing off and replacing a roof is expensive, labor intensive, time-consuming and disruptive. Roof preservation offers you a better option while offering substantial savings. Roof preservation is not only an efficient, cost-effective way to make a good roof better, but also helps extend the interval between expensive roof replacements.

All of our work is priced up front—not performed on a time and materials basis. You’ll never experience an “invoice surprise” with Allegiant Exteriors.

Because we stand behind every roof preservation, we offer a warranty and leak-free protection, just like a roof replacement. All jobs are backed by a transferable leak-free warranty—a huge benefit if you are considering selling your home in the future. So not only do you get a like-new roof at the fraction of the cost of a roof replacement, you get a warranty to further protect one of your most important investments, your home.

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